Youth Match Reports


Summary of scorecard:
Earlswood (batting first);-  89 for 3 (+1 ret)  off 20 overs
Hampton & Solihull ;  91 for 3 (+1 ret) off 19.3 overs
H&S Bowling:
·         Ashish Chakrapani;-        3 overs, 8 runs, 0wkts
·         Gabriel D’Souza;-             4 overs, 10 runs, 1 wkt
·         Ritesh Jayakumar;-          2 overs, 5 runs, 1 wkt
·         Will Brownsword;-           2 overs, 7 runs, 1 wkt
·         Milan Dogra;-                     2 overs, 9 runs, 0 wkts
·         Luke Friend;-                     1 over, 2 runs,  0 wkts
·         Harrison Costar;-              1 over, 1 runs, 0 wkts
·         Andrew Mackey               4 overs, 18 runs, 0 wkts
·         Tom Watkins;-                   1 overs, 3 runs, 0 wkts
Extras (against):  26   
That’s;-  Wides: 19 No Balls: 1 Byes: 6 Leg Byes: 0 
Wides:  Ashish 1; Gabriel 1; Ritesh 1; Will 6; Milan 1; Luke 3; Andrew 2; Tom 3
No Balls: Luke 1
H&S Batting:
  1. Will Brownsword              13           Caught                  (28 balls faced)
  2. Tom Watkins                      30           not out RET         (56 balls faced)
  3. Hiren Prajapat                   3              Caught                  (8 balls faced)                   
  4. Andrew Mackey               12           Bowled                 (9 balls faced)
  5. Milan Dogra                        4              not out                 (10 balls faced)
  6. Luke Friend                        3              not out                 (6 balls faced)
  7. Nathaniel Mackey           dnb
  8. Harrison Costar                 dnb
  9. Ashish Chakrapani           dnb
  10. Gabriel D’Souza                dnb
  11. Ritesh Jayakumar             dnb
Extras (for) 26
Managers comments:
A close and well fought game on a slow wicket. Our fielding was generally good though of course there is room for improvement. The opening bowling pair of Ashish and Gabriel were tidy and economical. Young Ritesh managed to swing the ball very well and Milan at times was unplayable with some great spin bowling. Harrison also bowled very well and was great to see him back in the fold. All bowlers contributed in a positive way bearing in mind this was the first game of the season for the U13s.  However if there is a downside then it is the number of wides bowled over the innings, - far too many. We need to tighten up in this area by remembering the basics of bowling starting with marking the run up correctly! For future U13s games I think a realistic target would be to bowl no more than 10 wides over the course of an innings. If we can achieve this then we always give ourselves a chance.
From a batting perspective this was very encouraging. Special mention to Tom “two bats” Watkins for a fantastic 30 not out (RETIRED). Patience and shot selection was excellent. Hiren did a great supporting role coming in at no 3  and showed good technique. Also a quick fire 12 from Andrew to hurry the score along and of course Milan and Luke for getting us over the line.
Special thanks to Neena Dogra for helping to get 11 players on the pitch and for operating the electronic scoreboard on the night. Also to Anupam for doing an excellent job being our official scorer and to Neil Watkins for helping with umpiring duties!
Finally, over the course of the season everyone will get their chance to shine with both the bat and the ball so if you didn’t bat or bowl in this game then I will try and ensure you do in the next game.
Matt Mackey – H&S U13s