Youth Match Reports


Date: Tuesday 20th May Opposition: Kings Heath
Venue:  247 Alcester Road South, Kings Heath, B14 6DT
Match Start time: 6.00pm  
Match category: U13s T20 Cup    (20 overs)
Summary of scorecard:
Hampton & Solihull (batting first);-  113 for 5  off 20 overs
Kings Heath  102 for 9  off 20 overs
H&S Batting:
  1. Will Brownsword              15           Caught                 (23 balls faced)
  2. Nathaniel Mackey           0              Run Out               (3 balls faced)
  3. Milan Dogra                        30           Caught                  (41 balls faced)             
  4. Andrew Mackey               46           Run Out               (37 balls faced)                 
  5. Luke Friend                        1              Bowled                 (5 balls faced)
  6. Nivesh Chaudesama       1              Not Out                (1 ball faced)
  7. Hiren Prajapat                   6              Not Out                (10 balls faced)
  8. Ben Crumpton
  9. Akash Sharma
  10. Harry Jenkins
  11. Ritesh Jayakumar
Extras (for) 14
H&S Bowling:
·         Ritesh Jayakumar;-          4 overs, 11 runs, 3 wkts
·         Will Brownsword;-           4 overs, 18 runs, 1 wkt
·         Milan Dogra;-                     4 overs, 14 runs, 1 wkt
·         Luke Friend;-                     2 over, 12 runs,  0 wkts
·         Andrew Mackey               1 overs, 10 runs, 0 wkts
·         Ben Crumpton                  2 overs,  11 runs, 0 wkts
·         Harry Jenkins                     1 over,  2 runs,  1 wkt
·         Nivesh Chaudesama       1 over,  5 runs, 1 wkt (stumped)
·         Akash Sharma                   1 over,  3 runs, 2 wkts
Extras (against):  16   
That’s;-  Wides  9;   No Balls 2; Byes: 3 Leg Byes: 2 
Wides:  Ben C 1; Andrew 1; Harry 3; Nivesh 2; Akash 2;
No Balls: Will 1
Managers comments:
This was a fantastic win for the boys who represented Hampton & Solihull for this game and each and everyone of them should be proud of their commitment, attitude and performance. The team spirit was magnificent with everyone encouraging each other. For the first time this season one of the U12s/U13s teams actually won the toss and so Andrew quite rightly elected to bat first on a very good, well prepared track. Rain delayed the start by 20 minutes but because Kings Heath had covers on the junior track beforehand then it wasn’t really a problem once the game commenced.
Some excellent batting performances from both Milan (30) and Andrew (46) – no retirements in the cup apparently. Also Will with a solid 15 and Hiren who once he got himself in started to hit the ball quite nicely. Champagne moment has to go to Andrew for the huge six he knocked into the middle of the car park which didn’t do somebody’s car much good!
From a bowling and fielding perspective the performance was also very good with the team achieving one small target I set them of less than 10 wides in an innings. (still room for improvement though!) Ritesh bowled superbly well with excellent line & length and was suitably rewarded with 3 wickets for just 11 runs. (and he’s not even 11 yet!) Both Harry Jenkins and Akash Sharma deserve a mention too as their improved bowling reaped rewards with both players getting a wicket on their very first ball, and Ben Crumpton also deserves a mention for his improved bowling and fielding. Nathaniel “the cat” also deserves a mention for his ever improving performances behind the stumps. Very little got past him in this game.
Thanks to our scorer Keith (Harrys dad) and Neena for once again for helping with communications.
In all this was a very pleasing team performance and the reward is a trip to K&D in the next round to be played before 13th June.
Matt Mackey – H&S U13s